Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making Money through Freelance Writing

Making money through the internet is a good idea and many people are using this technique to supplement their existing income. There are many methods to earn money through the internet. You have options like data entry or data writing and so on. In this article however I will discuss on how you can earn money through freelance writing.

The advantage of opting for online writing is that you get a wide array of opportunities to choose from. You can be independent, provide service as a freelance writer and even get hired by a content writing company and work under the company. This is a more secure way to earn money as a freelance writer as you just have to write articles and send it to the company. Unlike when you are an independent freelance writer you will have to search for customers.

If you want to be an independent freelance writer, then I would suggest you start with forums, as it is the best place to start off. There may be a prospective client who goes over your work and impressed or chances are someone may recommend your work to a client. However, you first need to build up a strong resume to showcase your work. Clients will not have the time to go over your resume and the only way is to satisfy them with your writing skills.

It is better to setup an online portfolio before you start writing articles. Internet users like to see online portfolio about a certain product or service. When you have an online portfolio, it has a better impact over prospective clients than a resume. You can also register using your resume in different online job provider’s directories. They can provide you with different freelance job opportunities and contract jobs.

You can also search for websites who offer money in exchange of articles. There are internet marketers who like to promote their products through articles and pay freelance authors. You can also be signed as an author instead of a client. One of these websites is Just check it out; I’m sure it will be helpful for you.

You must maintain a good relationship with other members as they can help you make money from writing online by providing you with information you were not aware of. You can also try out other websites like,, etc. These sites are very useful as they act like middle-men between you and the client. You just need to complete the assignments with quality then you can be assured of getting payment.

If you have lot of technical knowledge, then you can create niche sites and promote affiliate products. Your earning capacity wholly depends on you. If you can provide quality content, you could earn as much as $50 per hour. They usually pay you according to your original content and the number of words. For a 500 word article you can earn $5 for a good quality article and earn $25 for a professional article.

There are many places where you can showcase your skills as a freelance writer. You must follow some deadlines and write according to the specifications of the clients. The specifications are quite simple like, the article should be 500 words; they may give you a keyword which they want to appear a specific number of times in the article and so on.

Freelance writing is a great option to make money. You need to have an interest and skills for writing articles with a strong communicative ability. With a bit of practice you can master the art of writing articles.

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