Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making money through Blogs

One of the best ways to earn money online is through blogging. There are thousands of new blogs which are being created almost every day. Blogs are used as a platform to share your opinions about what you think and get other readers reactions on that. You can run your affiliate marketing business with your blog or make money by advertising with your blog.

In this article I will be talking about how to make money from blogging. I’m giving few methods which you can implement and earn money through blogging.
1) Make sure you are seen: The first step is to be seen, your readers should be able to see your link easily. The best way to do that is to display your affiliate link under your signature. After that you need to market your blog so that you can make money from it. You can start commenting on other blogger's thread and leave your signature. If they feel you can help them out then, they will be willing to link to your blog when you ask them to.

2) Write articles: You can write articles for other blogs as you do not need to own a blog. That’s right, you just have to go to an internet marketing forum and write blogs for them. If you have the required English skills and your blog sounds interesting, then you can be sure to get clients immediately. You can also join a discussion and let others know you like to make money through writing. You can start this in your spare time, but you can also become full time once you have enough clients.

3) Create your own blog: You can start your own blog for free and check out if you are able to understand the concept. There are websites like and which is owned by Google. These websites can help you immensely. Google has a program called as Google Adsense where you can get paid when visitors clicks on a banner on your website. You can make money each time someone clicks on them.

4) Join affiliate programs: You can join affiliate programs that have some products or service on your blog and earn commissions each time a visitor purchases a product you sell. For doing that you need to place text/image links within your blog posts that leads to the affiliate products that you will make a commission from. When a reader reading your blog, if they clicked on the link which are designed to provide information to your prospect before passing them through your affiliate sales page to make a purchase.

5) Maintain good raport with customers: All successful bloggers have used this method. It’s all about maintaining that strong relationship with customers. You can sell them over and over again when you get them to respond to you. Most blogging platforms come with the RSS feed feature, it will be better if you can activate it. Blogs shrink the world as the other person reads and responds to your blog.

Blogging can bring you a large audience if you know how to do it the right way, by making your blog sound interesting and up to date. You can benefit from your relationships with your visitors and customers. Once you create that trust with your customers that can lead to more customers. It means that you will experience increase in traffic and make money from blogging.

In conclusion, this gives you many opportunities to make money and friends. I’m sure you will never leave blogging once you are hooked into it. What are you waiting? It is time to start blogging now.

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